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 Command And Conquer

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PostSubject: Command And Conquer   Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:53 pm

I am a bigtime lover of RTS games, among my favorite, You guess it: Command and Conquer. My latest Favorite being Command And Conquers Tiberium war, and its expansion Kanes Wrath.

this game basically takes place 37 years in the future and a meteor impacted on the Tiber river in the middle east. the meteor contained an alien green crystal called tiberium (see my avi, yeah thats a Tiberium cluster) and it assimilates any elements into the creation of more crystals. it grows like a plant at an insane rate and after a couple decades has contaminated moe than 70% of the eartsh surface. And thats just the icing on the cake, this being an RTS you have to have your faction:

the GDI (the Global Defense Initiative)- are pretty much your good guys, trying to clean the earth of the Tiberium crystal and restore the yellow and red zones to habitable state again.

the broherhood of Nod- your all around bad guys lead by the mysterious figure: Kane. Kane established the brotherhood of Nod spreading the beleif that tiberium is the first step in the next stage of human evolution and so try to spread it to all corners of the globe and contaminate the so far unafflicted blue zones.

the Scrin- my personal favorite: the Scrin. the Scrin are an alien lifeform who apparently cause the tiberium to come to earth to harvest the tiberium and annihilate humanity.
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Command And Conquer
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