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 Humanity: Extinction

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PostSubject: Humanity: Extinction   Humanity: Extinction Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2010 6:21 am

something I had started on IF:

Chapter 0- prologue

"doctor we are running out of time" teh soldier yelled.

"I know, I know, I'm almost done" she replied as she continued typing on the computer. "Gardener"

a pale blue figure materialized from thin air in the form of a woman in a black gown. "yes doctor?" she asked in a smooth, calm voice.

"status on the defense drones?" the doctor asked quickly.

"reports indicate that seventy-two of them remain, the infected are moving much faster than we had planned for." the hologram replied.

"ok then, relay all objectives that are to proceed upon our entry into stasis." the doctor asked again.

"upon stasis entry defense drones are to return to the lock-down perimeter and the facility is to be put into immediate lock-down until furhter notice, if infected individuals should enter the facility drones are to enter search and destroy mode to find and eradicate them."

The doctor had a satisfied look on her countenance, "good now we ju....."

"doctor Blair!" yelled the soldier again.

Doctor Blair looked up with a start. she had been so focused on ensuring Gardeners programming was set she forgot about everything; the desecrators, the banging on the door. the facility they were in housed the last known untainted humans in the world and kept them in suspended animation until the desecrators were eliminated or another intelligent race came and released them.

The soldier gave a look of agrivation and continued through another door that was open and was lost from sight. Dr. Blair finished typing and looked back at the stationay holographic woman and said; "take care of us." she said sadly.

"you know I will doctor." was here only reply.

When dr. Blair entered the next room she felt a chill creep over her from the several hundred cryo-pods. aside for the Six soldiers the other three people were already closing their pods and entering stasis. She walked up to one of the last pods and stepped in, the soldier that had yelled at her came to her and before he could say anything she asked; "sergeant are you sure you want to do this?"

"we don't know if the desecrators will ever recede, or if another intelligent species will ever come to earth much less let us out of stasis."

"but are you sure?" she asked again.

The soldier stood up a little straighter, "sure enough to die ma'am" he said in a more confident voice.

he tapped a few keys on the datapad built into the pods side and the hatch began to close. just before it shut there was a loud bang as the six soldiers ran back to the room they just left. The door shut quickly behind them as they were lost from sight. A small window on the door became full of flashes coming from the other side of it. A deep cold began to crawl up Casandras leg as the Pod hissed shut. When the Cold got to her head she was still watching the door when the window was blotted out by a smear of red. A tear rolled down her cheek and froze as the ice surrounded the rest of her body and she entered a deep cold slumber.
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Humanity: Extinction
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